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At work

Thank you for visiting my freelance writing site.

I am a native English speaking copywriter and freelance journalist. I also proofread.


Great question. I prefer to quote you a price for services on request.

Why don’t I just post rates?

There are a couple of reasons.

First, I base quotes on communication with potential clients where I can assess not only number of words estimated, but how much time the entire process will take (including research, revisions, etc.).

Second, I really do want to connect with you. For me, freelancing is not just about collecting a stated fee. It’s about collaborating with people in a working relationship where I understand your vision. I want to help you tell your story and move forward.

So, it really is best for you to contact me. I’m very nice.

In the meantime, have a look at my Portfolio. Also, you can learn a little bit more about me here.

To learn more about the writing and editing services I offer, please visit my Contact┬ápage and I will reply within 24 hours (actually, I’ll be super excited, so it may not even take that long. I love to talk to potential clients.).

I look forward to helping you realize your writing, editing and general content creation goals.

Tekla Luchenski