About Me

As a freelance writer and editor based in Edmonton, Canada, I enjoy working with clients both at home and from all over the world.

I have loved writing since I was a child, although I was painfully shy about it and would refuse to share with anyone but my teachers. I understand the reluctance people may feel about writing and sharing their thoughts ‘on paper,’ for all to see. Experience and confidence that come with age helped me break through the shyness barrier over the years. Now, I look forward to communicating ideas as a blogger and freelance writer, and to helping others reach their personal or business goals with my writing and editing skills.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Not everyone is great at writing, though, or enjoys it. Maybe you are just too busy.

I help people tell their stories, whether they be personal or related to business endeavours. The story of your life, of course, can include your profile, among many other expressions. The ‘story’ of your business can include product descriptions, blog posts, and any other web content that will help build and nurture your brand.

I am trained as a cultural anthropologist. I also have a background in English literature and theatre. I’ve traveled extensively, and I have a love of music – especially live performance. I am a softy for animals, especially my two dogs, two cats and a budgie.

Contact me with your questions about services I offer, and please stay tuned as I rebuild this website.

I am excited to connect with you!

Tekla Luchenski